2Young 2Fail Against School Dropout

Early school leaving (ESL) is the result of a mix of individual educational and socio-economic factors. Many triggering effects make ESL a complex multisector phenomenon: school failure (disengagement, low achievement, transition between schools and school levels), pull effects from labor market, social and family situation. If it differs from country to country and from region to region, there are some recurrent features: children from vulnerable groups are more likely than others to leave the school system early. Boys are more affected than girls.

Thanks to the constant work and analysis on dropout preventive and intervention measures carried out by 2YOUNG2FAIL partners, the partnership pinpointed the need to focus a specific age framework (10-15 years, including both Middle School, and moment of transition between school levels) in a broad number of regions, to tackle the issue and potentially intervene when the problem starts arising, and set into place cost effective measures

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