There are a number of challenges faced by vocational educational and training and highlighted in the Helsinki Communiqué where responses necessarily go through internationalization. This Partnership is based on the belief that associations/federations of VET providers can and should contribute to the mainstreaming of these challenges and to the search of responses.
CECE is the coordinator of the project and work in collaboration with UNEFA, one of the CECE’s centres.
The project aims cover two levels: management and pedagogical.
The expected result is the creation of network out of the Partnership members, a better understanding of possible responses VET associations can give to new challenges in VET and the identification of fields of future cooperation.

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Dear partner,
Here you can written down your comments and suggesstions. Thanks. Selina

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Dear Selina, we are all greatful to you for inventing the BLOG for us to disseminate and to communicate. We'll do our best to make the blog interesting and informationful. Zsofi and the Szilvias