PROJECT European MUSICAL and invitation to learning languages through the FolkDC.

Draft language to young learners of languages.

Music has proved to have an impact very positive in language learning and the project Folk DC agenda the EU Comenius carried out satisfactorily.

Resources for teachers
The project has prepared a team of autonomous master that can be useful to motivate and engage young learners of languages. This equipment is available at: link

The team is composed of:
Complete guides of teachers that explain how to use the project.
European folk songs in 10 languages (in total there are 20 songs)
Translated lyrics and recordings of the songs.
A set of activities based on songs that focus on:
or languages
or music
or culture

The master computer has been tested in different European schools with excellent results.

The project proposal is the motivate young learners to appreciate the culture and diversity of European languages, to enjoy music and appreciate how fun can be learning.

Live concerts
Five concerts simultaneous in 5 European countries (United Kingdom, Turkey, Finland, Romania and Spain) that will be available online on April 23, 2013 will be offered at the end of the project. Your school can reserve a place to view the concert on the internet or enjoy it live!

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