Whilst great efforts and progress have been made at the EU and member states levels to tackle discrimination and social inequalities, all available evidence paints a picture of continuing inequality, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance.

Racism continues to impact negatively on communities and individuals, and recent demonstrations of overt racism by Spanish motor racing fans highlight the prevalence of everyday racism, as well as the need for sports organisations to actively engage in challenging racism amongst their supporters and wider society. Alongside major sports organisations, education providers are at the forefront of addressing issue of racism and discrimination with young people.

Whilst a great deal of activity and examples of good practice in education and sport to combat racism exist across the member states represented in the consortia, there is no mechanism at present for sharing and promoting this work in a systematic way across the education and sports sectors. This project brings together key experts from the fields of education, sport, civil society and research institutions to review best practices and achievements of sport and education providers in this field, as well as to enable dissemination of learning from this process through the development of an in-service training course for teachers and coaches, and of a resource pack with a curriculum module for use with young people in schools.

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